In Thoughts

A Psalm for United
Restore us, O Lord!
Shine your love upon us;
your people in this place.
With differing roots of Christian heritage
yet celebrating faith and vison
we are United in purpose,
offering service and hope
to all in this community.

Revive us, O Lord!
By your Holy Spirit,
guard our footsteps,
renew our vision,
empower our witness,
strengthen our resolve,
and guide our future
that we may serve others in Jesus’ name.

Restore us, O Lord!
Let your face shine upon us
that we may be a beacon church,
radiating your love,
preaching grace,
standing for justice
and faithfully serving the community
to the glory of your Holy Name. Amen.

(G. Howard Mellor, written for the United Church, Winchester after reflecting on Psalm 80)