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Dear friends,

This morning Church Council met for an emergency meeting to discuss our response to the latest Coronavirus developments. I will summarise our decisions as succinctly as possible:

  1. As of now, all normal activities and events at the church, including services of worship, are cancelled until further notice, in accordance with Methodist and URC advice.
  2. We are exploring how to live-stream or record short services so that people still have access to a regular act of worship online. We will also endeavour to provide these services on tape/CD for distribution to those without internet.
  3. Our pastoral care team are working hard to devise ways of keeping in regular contact with everyone in the church and for identifying those who are at particular risk of isolation and loneliness. In the weeks to come we hope to be able to coordinate these efforts with the Live at Home scheme, as well as other churches, agencies and authorities across the city.
  4. We are building a team of volunteers to help isolated people with tasks like shopping. If you feel able to volunteer in this way, please contact our Pastoral Coordinator, Helen McTiffin.

These are unprecedented times, at least in my lifetime. I pray that we will continue to be a people of hope and encouragement, and to endure the road before us with grace and courage. We will not waver in our commitment to build community through the love of Christ, whatever those ‘communities’ end up looking like!

Stay safe my friends, and look out for the needs of others.

In Christ,