In Thoughts

In our frantic world it can be hard to find space to grow as Christians. Too often, church itself becomes a place focused on what we do rather than on how to be. God calls us to grow in our discipleship of Christ, but in order to do so we must, at times, set aside the demands of the day to be in God’s presence.

‘Space to Grow’ is a three-session course designed to explore just that: how we can find space in our busy lives to grow spiritually.

Each session will begin at 6.30pm with food and then lead into the topic for that evening. Led by our Minister, Tim, these sessions will include a mixture of input and discussion and will finish no later than 8pm.

Whilst the sessions will be grounded in the Christian tradition, all are welcome, whatever your faith or background. The only requirement is a desire to grow spiritually.

So come and join us on a journey; perhaps together we might all find space to grow.

9th May           Session 1: A biblical perspective: did Mary choose the better part?

23rd May        Session 2: Praying and prayerfulness: is there a difference?

6th June          Session 3: Wellbeing in the 21st century: towards flourishing in a frantic world.