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Sharing the Joy of God.

Bring joy, have fun, be kind, try your best. Great British Bake Off winner, Peter Sawkins spoke to us about how he modelled his faith in the Bake Off tent. Watch the full interview here.

Read URC Moderator Peter Pay’s reflections on COP26 here.


Climate Justice.

Learn more about how the climate crisis is affecting frontline communities of the Pacific from the World Methodist Council’s Climate Justice for All.



Lord, Forgive Us, Empower Us, Enlighten Us.

Gracious God, we hang our heads, shamed by our arrogance that we wilfully, whilst pleading ignorance, defile your magnificent world entrusted to us. Forgive us for the choices we’ve made that damage and destroy. Empower us to challenge actions that perpetuate devastation. Enlighten us to alternative ways of living in order to stir the beginnings of restoration and repair. Amen.
Carolyn Hothersall, lay worker, Lancashire District

Christian Aid Week.

Use this resource for Christian Aid week “River of Prayer” to help with your prayers during Christian Aid Week.

Let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!’ (Amos 5:24).

See it here.


A prayer by Christian Aid’s Global Theology Advisor, Bob Kikuyu. Join it here.



Feel the ground under your feet once again.

Breathe the air (there’s a scent of blossom, perhaps?)

Become aware of the presence of God, if you are able to.

Feel the breath in your body, as you breathe deeply.

You are in a unique space. A threshold.

Read this helpful reflection by Corin Pilling by clicking on his picture below.

A Woman Full of Live, Love and Laughter.

A woman sings a deep, joyful tune. Her song lifts the spirits of the other women on the farm. This is Florence. She is full of life, love and laughter. The women in her farming group look up to her. She’s courageous, kind – a survivor. Watch this film for Christian Aid Week.


Caring for God’s Planet.

As foreign ministers of the G7 meet in London this week, climate change is on the agenda. Read the second in a series of blogs from the Revd Simon Topping on how we can see more clearly a biblical mandate to engage in the struggle for climate justice.  Read his thoughts here.


Loving God, all the world belongs to you.
Forgive us that we so often live as if the world belongs to us.
Help us to learn how to use the things of your world with wisdom and humility and to be aware of the needs of others, not just our own desires.
When we are daunted by fear of the future, inspire us by your Spirit to learn how to live hopefully.
Move us through the beauty that we encounter in your world to creative ways of working with you for its sustainable future.
Loving God, all the world belongs to you.

Ian Howarth, Birmingham Methodist District Chair

Renew Our Hope.

Henrietta Blyth , Chief Executive of Open Doors UK & Ireland, prays as part of Prayer Shield.

Do Your Bit.

God with us.

To mark Deaf Awareness Week; 3rd-9th May 2021, Anna Herriman, a local preacher with Oxford Methodist Circuit, shares this prayer using British Sign Language.


The new Bishop of York, Stephen Cottrell, recorded his thoughts on “Where if God in this?” before he took up his post.

A Global Perspective.

“Lift up your head, look around you and discover what is going on in the wider world so that you can indeed have a global perspective on mission as you fulfil God’s call on your life.”
Read Carolyn Lawrence’s advice on developing a global perspective by clicking on the image below.

Jesus is in this place.

Bluebell woods and memories of Music, Movement and Mime with Andrew Rumsey.

God’s Wonderful Creation.

The Methodist Church has fully divested from fossil fuel companies! The Central Finance Board, which manages £1.3bn of investments, has sold its remaining shares in Shell and Equinor. Read more here.

“Each person is a diverse person created in the image of God and part of God’s wonderful creation.” Methodist minister Delyth Liddell talks about God, the church and how she believes things are changing for the better.