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“We travel light, we are growing organically, and seeking to be led by the Spirit as we do so.” A new, pioneering Circuit is emerging from the Yorkshire North and East District, encouraging diversity of spiritual exploration, service and activism. Could this be a way forward in this area too? Click on the image below.

Steadfast Love.

earth and your everlasting arms are underneath us. In Jesus you made your home among us,
and you long for us to find our home in you – safe and free from fear.
Alpha and Omega, beginning and end, the one holding all things together, give us liberating confidence to renew our trust in you, seek your will, and choose your paths. Amen.
Leslie Newton, Yorkshire North and East District Chair.

Justice, peace, hope and life for all.

Gracious God, as we respond to your call in our lives, nurture within us the wisdom to respect your gift of life and your creation. May the roots of our faith be strengthened so that we reflect your kingdom values of justice, peace, hope and life for all. We pray in the name of Jesus and by the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen.

Andrew de Ville, Southampton District Chair


URC ministers Melanie Smith and Mark Meacher speak with Simon Peters, Walking the Way project manager, about the climate crisis and its impact should on the lives of followers of Jesus today in the latest episode of the URC podcast. Listen here.


Praying for the school holidays.

With the school holidays upon us, the Vice-President of the Methodist Conference and Director of Education for the Methodist Church in Britain, Barbara Easton, has recorded this prayer.

Praying for Our Planet.

Try out these talks organised by Bramhall Methodist Church in which eminent scientists share how science informs prayer for our planet. Click on the image below.

Our sufficiency, O God, is in you alone, now and always

Let nothing disturb or dismay us, O God, for all things are passing and you alone are unchanging. All things are wrought in patience, O God, and those who possess you lack nothing. Our sufficiency, O God, is in you alone, now and always. Amen.

Teresa of Ávila (1515-1582)


“Because the Bible as we know it is a translation of a translation, we sometimes get a wrong impression. For example, we are accustomed to hearing the Beatitudes expressed passively: “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they shall be satisfied.”

“Blessed” is the translation of the word makarioi, used in the Greek New Testament. However, when I look further back to Jesus’ Aramaic, I find that the original word was ashray, from the verb yashar. Ashray does not have this passive quality to it at all. Instead, it means “to set yourself on the right way for the right goal; to turn around, repent.”. . . Read more from Megan McKenna here.

Making God’s Love Real.

“What we are about is making God’s love real in our communities.” – Methodist President, the Revd Sonia Hicks, spoke to Premier Christian Radio about family, finding faith in her teens, racism, vocation and her hope that we learn to celebrate our differences. Click on the image below.

Praying for South Africa.