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News and prayer.

The President and Vice President of the Methodist Conference Richard and Carolyn will lead a time of news and prayer today, Monday from 12.45 – 1 pm on Face book Live, Watch them live or catch up by clicking on the image below, The reflection will be on the theme of Anxiety.

From what powers do we need liberating?

Lawrence Moore, Mission & Discipleship consultant, Worsley Road URC, looks at Mark 5: 1 – 20. Click on the image below.

Hope and celebration.

“One arm at a time, together, we are offering hope which will change the world.” In this blog, the Revd Dr Joanne Cox-Darling explains how a church is playing its part in the national vaccination programme. Click on the image below.


Friday was a day of celebration for JPIT and other advocates for peace around the globe, as the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) came into legal force. Read this blog about why this is great news. Click on the image below.


All things are passing.

Let nothing disturb or dismay us, O God, for all things are passing and you alone are unchanging. All things are wrought in patience, O God, and those who possess you lack nothing. Our sufficiency, O God, is in you alone, now and always. Amen.
Teresa of Ávila (1515-1582)

Twilight moments.

Join Winchester’s Brian Draper for his Twilight Moment at 4.30 pm on Fridays for a time of soulfulness. Join him live or catch up by clicking on the image below.

Vaccine and suffering.

“My grandma in Nigeria is just as human, her life as valuable as some of the grandmas lining up to get their vaccines at Salisbury Cathedral”, says Christian Aid head of public engagement Chine McDonald. Read her article here.


“In the time of profound suffering that the pandemic has brought, and in all times of trial and suffering that we go through, we have Holy Saturday to proclaim what St Paul said in Romans – that because of the journey from the cross, to the grave, to a period of waiting before Easter Sunday, God is with us always, even when we are forced to wait and endure.”

Read Gillian Straine’s helpful reflections here.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

Lord Jesus,

your entire

life was prayer,

perfect harmony with the Father.

Through your Spirit, teach us to pray

according to your will of love.

May the faithful of the whole world unite

in intercession and praise,

and may your kingdom of love come.

Abiding in Christ.

The Revd Ruth Gee, Assistant Secretary of the Methodist Conference marks this year’s Week of Prayer for Christian Unity: Click on the image below.

Our brothers and sisters.

Pray for those affected by COVID-19 across the world in this update from Methodist Mission Partners, including news on how vaccine plans are being rolled out. Read the update here.

“We all believe that all human beings are children of the same heavenly Father. Those who have the same father are brothers and sisters. Let us really treat each other as brothers and sisters! . . .  We all believe that freedom is a divine gift to be preserved at all costs. Let us liberate, in the highest and most profound sense of the word, all the human beings who live round about us.”

Read about Brazilian Archbishop Dom Hélder Câmara , Liberation Theology, and its relevance to today here.