We’re back in the building.

This is what you need to do coming to the church.

The church will be open for services on Sundays at 10.30am. We suggest you take the following factors into consideration, because of Covid-19, when deciding whether you would like to attend.

  • For your own safety, consider how vulnerable you are. Have you had one or both doses of vaccine? Do you have underlying health issues? How confident do you feel about meeting other people?
  • For the safety of others, consider if you may be a carrier. Have you been self isolating? Or have you or your household been in contact with other people (at work, on transport or socially)? Remember that even if you have been vaccinated you could be a carrier.

Having taken these into consideration, along with the conditions of the precautions (see full letter here), please could you let us know whether you would like to attend. Please contact Steve Barber by email (admin@ucw.org.uk) or phone 01962 883581.

Services will continue to be streamed to YouTube and on our website for those who would prefer to worship at home.

Visiting preachers please read through the Safe Method of Working below and contact Pat Fry or Tim Clifford if you are unsure about anything.


Read our current risk assessment for worship in the building and our safe method of working document here.

For more information please email office@ucw.org.uk