CORONAVIRUS – OUR CHURCH’S RESPONSE            Click here for Lockdown resources – Worship, Prayer, Materials Dear friends, This morning Church Council met for an emergency meeting to discuss our response to the latest Coronavirus developments. I will summarise our decisions as succinctly as possible: As of now, all normal activities and […]

A Psalm for United

A Psalm for United Restore us, O Lord! Shine your love upon us; your people in this place. With differing roots of Christian heritage yet celebrating faith and vison we are United in purpose, offering service and hope to all in this community. Revive us, O Lord! By your Holy Spirit, guard our footsteps, renew […]

Sending people back to where they came from

We at the United Church are greatly concerned about the rhetoric currently being offered by President Trump. In our view his recent comments such “as sending people back to where they came from” are clearly racist and simply unacceptable in today’s multicultural society. His message is at odds with our Christian Faith which teaches that […]

Education for Sustainability. Progress!

In 2018, the year the World Wildlife Fund and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reported alarming rates of wildlife population decline, unbelievable biodiversity loss, worrying climate change rates and intense pressure put on ecosystems by humans. Our Church decided to make Education for Sustainability a focus of our way forward for the next 2 […]

World Day of Prayer at United Church

The World Day of Prayer is an ecumenical world wide movement and is celebrated each year on the first Friday in March. This year the service will take place at the United Church, Jewry Street at 12 15pm on 1 March, led by Churches Together in Winchester with Revd Mike Griffiths from East Winchester Benefice […]

United Church Winchester:Our Aspirations for the future

We have thought about our priorities for the future. They are set out in this leaflet. Our Aspirations for the future

Angels at United. Read their stories.

In the bible, angels are seen as God’s messengers. Sometimes they bring good news, sometimes a challenge or warning. At Christmas time, we celebrate the bringing of ‘good news to all people’. But what is this good news? Over the weeks of Advent, leading up to Christmas, we shall find out more about what that […]

A more mindful Christmas?

On approaching a pub last Saturday we were greeted by a billboard next to the door which said: ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’. Inside, the pub’s interior was well-adorned with Christmas decorations and the usual seasonal menus. Not unusual you might think given that you’re probably reading this in December. But spare a thought […]

Who? Why? Where? What?

By Tom Belshaw When I settle down to write a new sermon I find that the Holy Spirit is able to use all sorts of ways to prompt my thoughts. One way are the set scripture readings but also lots of the other sources such as  books I have read, conversations with friends, TV and […]

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