Musing from the Manse – No More Passing the Buck

No More Passing the Buck This coming Monday sees the biggest easing of COVID-19 restrictions since the pandemic began, and with it a shift in responsibility from state to people. So far, those in leadership, like myself, have got used to the rules for covid-compliance being dictated to us, not by us. The fact that […]

Musing from the Manse – Taking Sides

Taking Sides As you read this, the build up to one of the most anticipated football matches in over half a century will be reaching its crescendo. Never before in my lifetime has an England (mens) team made it to the final of a major competition. I can remember watching the heartbreak of Mexico ’86 […]

Musing from the Manse – God in Love Still Unites Us

God in Love Still Unites Us Wednesday marked a historic day for the Methodist Church when its annual Conference overwhelmingly confirmed the provisional resolutions on marriage and relationships first debated in 2019. These resolutions, among other things, include setting out more inclusive principles on good relating, permit the marriage of same-sex couples, and celebrate the […]

Musing from the Manse – 29th June 2021

Asking the Right Questions As COP26 grows ever nearer (31 Oct–12 Nov in Glasgow) my mind is beginning to turn towards the voice that local churches can have in calling for a greener, fairer world. We’re blessed to have a fantastic Climate Justice Champion (Jo Crocker) leading the churches on this, and it’s now our […]

Musing from the Manse – 18th June 2021

Finding Our Reflection in God I’ve recently been reading a book called ‘Mythos’. Written by Stephen Fry, it’s a retelling of Greek mythology in his own inimitable style. Classicists doubtless rail against it, but for the uneducated like me, it’s an engaging read made even better if you listen to his own mellifluous tones in […]

Musing from the Manse – 12th June 2021

“Believing that things really can get better” The saying ‘it’s all going to hell in a hand basket’ is often used to express the underlying suspicion that life, over time, is getting worse, not better. I’m certainly guilty of looking back at my youth through rose-tinted spectacles and comparing those memories to my perception of […]

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