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Know it. Nourish it. Live it.

Discipleship is an adventure with Christ! These studies assume that being a disciple of Jesus is a whole-life, lifelong adventure, responding to God’s love in Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit and lived out in the church and community.

To explore the implications of discipleship, the studies focus on three areas, knowing our faith, nourishing our faith and living our faith.

Four interesting and interactive sessions are offered for each section.

Christians are called to be passionate about faith – to feel strongly about it and compelled to share the love of God with others. Just like the  passionfruit vine, bearing fruit, to live out the faith openly and gloriously.

It is the writers’ hope that as you engage with these sessions you will experience growth, confidence and fruitfulness in your own life.


The course is primarily designed for groups, but our hope is that individual readers will also find it helpful. For each session, under ‘Checking the Route’, there is the opportunity to listen to a talk – please see  below. UCW members will receive a book from the church to follow during Lent.

For others following the course please order from Amazon here or the publisher Moorleys here.

    Audio Introductions: Find these on a separate page here.


Discipleship – Chapter 1 –  Download a sample here.